Brooks Law Group – Deadly Driving Florida’s Most Dangerous Highways (infographic)

Description: “Lethal Driving: A Look at Florida’s Most Dangerous Routes Florida has one of the largest numbers of licensed drivers in the nation. With its beaches, vivid entertainment scene, and Disney World, the Sunshine State likewise stands out as a leading tourist spot. What does that mean for Florida roadways? It indicates they’re some of the most treacherous in the land. This data-driven infographic from Brooks Law Group calls attention to an accident map of Florida traffic accidents. Many reviews of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) information have pointed out numerous of Florida’s key highways as well as interstates are some of America’s deadliest. Keep in mind that every research provider works with its own strategies to enumerate and assess lethal automobile collision data. Therefore, results can vary. The most important point is that research studies continually lay out that Florida is home to heavily traveled routes with extremely high levels of crashes no matter what. Does Vacationing Generate More Crashes in Florida? Florida has long been regarded as a travel hotspot, and its visitor numbers are at record highs. The Florida Department of Transportation reported an estimated 130 million travelers came to the state last year. While the “”the more, the merrier”” rule normally applies, the seasonal increase of vacationers does mean that roads become a lot more overloaded and that the risk of vehicle wrecks increases greatly. Tourists do not automatically give rise to even more automobile crashes compared to Florida citizens. Florida is home to many particularly urbanized locations that are currently overcrowded. Yet visitors basically don’t comprehend Florida routes the way citizens do. They will likely be looking at their navigation equipment far more often, driving a lot more carefully, or making unexpected or erratic moves in traffic to avoid missing exits or intersections. Florida’s population is also forecasted to expand by 6.4 million individuals by 2030. That growth, included with the state’s growing tourist numbers, will certainly trigger more auto accidents in the Sunshine State, making the necessity for safe driving more critical than ever before. A serious auto traffic collision can leave a person physically and financially vulnerable — ill-equipped to struggle alone versus an insurance provider as well as their qualified legal team. Obtaining advice from an experienced vehicle collision attorney ensures you can seek to receive the complete benefits you deserve from an insurance provider as well as makes certain any extra damages you’re eligible for are recovered for you. If you or a relative have been injured in an automotive accident, Brooks Law Group can assist you with pursuing the benefits you need to get your life back. Brooks Law Group 123 1st St N, Winter Haven, FL 33881 863-299-1962 27FF+F4 Winter Haven, Florida “

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