Infographic: Why PTSD is Dangerous? (infographic)


Combat situation is the first-hand reason why the PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder happens. but not all veterans have cases of PTSD. Aside from stressful battles the veterans are facing. They are prone to direct violence while in the military service. Being exposed in several battles become a sign of shell shock that is uncontrollable. In this infographic, we unlock how the PTSD starts in a person. There are 10-20% of veterans are suffering from PTSD a few months after returning from the military service. If the veteran acts differently after coming home, he is suspected to have PTSD. It builds strong emotion that he can not contain. This condition will manifest when he begins to fear different things in his life. He feels anxious that is not normal to him. There is a proper treatment to lessen the PTSD like medication of anti-depressants and psychotherapy which involves talk therapy. It becomes a comfortable way to relax and calms the person.

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