Metal Fabrication 101: Techniques, Types, and Metal Building Applications (infographic)


Metal fabrication has become HUGE in America, thanks in part to the availability of materials, the fact that metal is easy to work with when handled properly, and the resulting strength, precision, and versatility of manufactured metal components. Honestly, there’s really no downside to choosing metal for a variety of applications! Carport Central presents this handy infographic, where we explore a survey of the many processes, techniques, and advantages involved with metal fabrication.

What is metal fabrication?
We start by looking at what metal fabrication is on a base level, and then we expand our view to visualize the many valuable applications for metal fabrication in use today.

What are the processes and techniques utilized by metal fabricators?
We explore many of the common processes and techniques involved in metal fabrication, including the following:
 Punching
 Blanking
 Shearing
 Notching
 Folding
 Stamping
 Machining
 Welding

Common Applications of Metal Fabrication for Business and Industry
You may not think much about how the various metal objects and components you use every day are produced, but the story is worth telling. In this infographic, we’ll look more at:
 Commercial Metal Fabrication
 Industrial Metal Fabrication
 Structural Metal Fabrication

Metal Building Prefabrication for Many Valuable Applications
How are prefabricated metal buildings actually produced, and what are the advantages of this type of construction approach? We answer these questions and more in this infographic!

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Ready to learn more about metal fabrication and its many applications? Click here to check out the full infographic for yourself, and see what a difference metal fabrication makes, and can make for your application!

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