Sacred Sites: The 10 Oldest Churches in the U.S. (infographic)

Description: The wonder associated with churches and other religious sites spans generations and personal interests. From symbols of spiritual significance along your journey to architectural masterpieces that have endured time and become breathtaking monuments to history, the iconic churches that grace the United States are truly marvelous. Many of these incredible buildings are still standing—a testament to the lasting impact that architecture can have over even hundreds of years. There are 10 churches in the United States that, in particular, will leave you in absolute awe. The churches listed below are well-worth seeing, whether it’s through your computer screen or in-person on your journey to fulfillment. 1. Cathedral of San Juan Bautista 2. San Miguel Mission 3. San Estevan del Ray Mission Church 4. Jamestown Church 5. Old Trinity Church 6. St. Mary’s Whitechapel 7. Old Ship Church 8. Third Haven Meeting House 9. St. Luke’s Church 10. Old Indian Meeting House These incredible landmarks are scattered across America, standing as a tribute to times past and yet to come. In a way, the architecture and beliefs behind it link us indelibly to the early foundations of the place we now call home.

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