Self Storage Birmingham – Self Storage Worcester – Lisle (infographic)


Do you need reliable self storage solution for all your business items? Are you tired of having self storage containers that requires intensive climbing or long walk just to access your self storage? Lisle Self storage offers the best storage containers that suits your business needs perfectly. Our 20ft self storage container is available at reasonable prices starting from £120 a month and they go all the way up to the largest containers you can actually require. Store all your unnecessary stuff for until they may be needed for your business knowing that all it will be kept safe and sound. Benefits:

✔24 hour access

✔Free car parking

✔Enhanced 24 hour CCTV with manguard

✔Forklift available

✔No fixed contracts

✔No long walks to get them

✔No tall stair case to climb

✔You just drive down to container and store your stuff

Contact Us: Phone: +44 01562 744 466 Email: Website: Destination: Self Storage Birmingham – Lisle Self Storage Worcester – Lisle

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