Top Reasons Local Businesses Should Hire Veterans (infographic)


Main Reasons Local Operations Should Hire Veterans At the Berry Law Firm, we realize the benefits that Veterans bring to companies. Our legal team is filled with Veterans and our focus is providing services to military Veterans. Among the leading hurdles that Veterans face when they are discharged from the military and transitioning to private life is obtaining a position. Choosing a Veteran is a patriotic act and also a good business strategy. Veterans bring benefits to companies. They have a steady work ethic and are results-oriented. They are innovative problem solvers. They perform well under pressure. They are natural leaders and they are laser-focused on the mission. Quite a few military Veterans have technical capabilities as computer systems managers, software creators, and cybersecurity specialists that are relevant to civilian work. Roughly 180,000 Veterans make the changeover to private life yearly, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Employers should really recognize the value that Veterans offer the organization. Workplaces that employ an out-of-work military Veteran may get the Returning Heroes tax credit. Business organizations that bring in a military Veteran with a service-connected disability within a year of their discharge can obtain a Wounded Warrior tax credit of up to $9,600. Recruiting a Vet is the right thing to do. Find out more in the infographic shown below.

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