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author Team Liqsquid
Team Liqsquid
  |  April 21, 2016
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Every marketer understands the value of being able to guest post. Finding places to do so can be a bit of a challenge at times. So, that is what Liqsquid is for (hint: the site you are on). Liqsquid is looking for quality contributors, by quality we mean “not spam” and relevant to business, marketing, and social media (particularly as it relates to business).

Getting Started

To get going with Liqsquid, visit our signup page and fill out the form with a couple of samples to your work. Your samples do not have to be stellar. We’re just looking to make sure you have decent use of the English language and you write about business and marketing. Other questions on the form are just to find out more about you and have some social media links to put on your profile.

After you have filled out the signup form, go and take a 2 minute read of the posting guidelines.

What to Expect
If everything checks out (usually does), you should be approved within 24-48 hours and your username and temporary password will be sent to you. After that you can log in and submit your first post.

We do a quick spam screening, just to keep spam off the site. However, you can post links to your site and these are dofollow links!


Any questions? Feel free to reach out!