GDPR Notice

Our thoughts on GDPR:

As of this writing, it is the year 2024.

If you don't know you're being tracked when you visit a website, you might be “off your trolley!”

For the last 20 years, browsers have given people the ability to block cookies and personal information from being given. This is a more sensible solution.

In 2017, Google came out with the interstitial ads update. One year later, GDPR notices are annoying users more than ads. It makes for a crummy user experience and we simply value our site visitors too much for that.

In fact, we only show these messages to GDPR countries.  Take your concerns up with the EU.

GDPR is a gross government overstep on a transnational level and if not for such a great opportunity to make fun of it and spread this message, we would in no way be compliant.

Yes, European Union, we mock you!