My Proven Guide to a Successful Trend Marketing That Works Every Time

author Andrea Woodward
Andrea Woodward
  |  November 9, 2021
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You’ve probably seen trend marketing everywhere in the past few years. It’s a trend that is here to stay and will continue to be a trend in the future, but what does it mean? Trend marketing refers to how businesses react when they see a sensation on social media or pop culture. This can work well because if something is going viral, it’s likely for a reason. This blog post will teach you my proven guide for successful trend marketing with some simple steps that will help you make money from trends!

Why Should You Use Marketing Trends? 

Marketing trends are not just about advertising or social media posts; they encompass everything that has to do with marketing, including customer service, website design, copywriting, and content strategies. By keeping up on these topics, you’ll be able to keep your business ahead of the curve while providing quality products and services to your customers.

Marketing trends help entrepreneurs understand what’s going on in the marketing industry. Trends let a company know which way to go and how to get there. They also provide data that can be used for research purposes. Marketing trends also allow you to:

  • Create new products or services that are trend related
  • Develop an advertising campaign geared toward the trend
  • Use trends to inform your target audience about what you’re offering via social media, email marketing, and SEO strategies.

So now that I’ve told you how excellent trend marketing is, let’s dive into my simple trend marketing guide!

Invest In Inbound Marketing If You Haven’t Already.

Inbound marketing is an essential piece of any successful company. Not only does it help attract new prospects, but it also helps maintain and grow your current customer base.

Inbound marketing is a powerful tactic that can pay off big time if implemented correctly. Think about it: you have a product or service, and you’re trying to get clients interested in what you offer. You need to find them first, which takes a lot of time and effort – but with inbound marketing, your potential clients find YOU! This means no more spending hours upon hours on Google Search or Facebook Ads. Just focus on implementing tactics from the top 10 most effective ways to attract leads with content marketing. 

Give Your Clients More Control Over Their Data.

You’re a business owner, and you understand that data is your most valuable asset. If you don’t protect it adequately, an unforeseen event could wipe out years of hard work in just moments. Whether it’s a hacking attack or a natural disaster, the risk remains constant. So what’s the best way to reduce your risks? Give your clients more control over their data! 

This means one of two things for marketers: either you need to stop collecting marketing data on your clients altogether or find a way to manage their data instead of giving them less power than usual when it comes to sharing their info. To help you analyze your database and see whose data you need to protect more.

Create And Share Video Material.

Video content is the new king when it comes to marketing. Video is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to tell a story and engage an audience. Video content should be created to be shareable, which makes it even more effective as a marketing strategy. The amount of video searches on YouTube alone has tripled in the last three years, and people are watching more than 100 million hours of YouTube each day. It’s no wonder that businesses want in on this trend!

Include Chatbots On Your Website.

The future is now. Chatbots are the new customer service and marketing dream, and you need to be on board. Chatbots can help you free up time to work on other projects by handling routine tasks like answering FAQs and processing orders as a small-business owner or marketer. It’s how we’re going to do business in the next five years: through conversations with machines instead of screens. 

Chatbots will also give your customers another way to engage with your brand as they’ll have access 24/7 without having to contact customer service at inconvenient hours. They can even provide real-time feedback to your business.

Create Trend Reports And Market Research Briefs For Clients, Partners, or Prospects. 

If you want to get in on-trend marketing but don’t know where to start, the best thing to do is create trend reports and market research briefs for clients, partners, or other companies who might benefit from trend marketing. This is a great way to build connections and get your name out there as an expert in trend marketing, not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to use these reports for yourself when needed!

Make Yourself Transparent With Diversity And Inclusion.

Transparency is an essential component of any successful company. It’s necessary to see how a business works and what it looks like from the inside out. But what does transparency mean? And why is it so important? 

Transparency means being able to view a process or system as a whole without obstruction or distortion. In other words, there can’t be anything blocking your vision of the end goal. To achieve this in today’s society, we must first look at our own beliefs and biases that may have been ingrained into us since birth by our society and culture. This includes everything from gender roles to racial stereotypes that are still very much alive today despite progress over time towards the equality of all people on Earth. Thoroughly understanding our own biases and how they affect us is the only way to rid ourselves of them.

This helps in trend marketing because it allows you to promote transparency in your business, which will help attract more customers looking for an honest company that values its people fairly. This behavior can also support diversity initiatives within companies, making trend marketing more attainable for everyone.

Take Trend Surveys And Trend Polls With Your Customers To Find Out What They Want.

finding out what customer's want

Trends aren’t just about predicting the future – it’s about understanding your customer base better than ever before so that you can give them exactly what they’re looking for in terms of product or content marketing. It’s about knowing your customers and making them happy. 

One of the best ways to do this is by taking trend surveys or trend polls with those who already love you as a company and asking them what they want from you in terms of new products and services. If you can make your customers feel like their opinions matter – even if it’s just a trend poll or survey – then they’re going to be more likely to do business with you again in the future. That’s how trend surveys and trend polls can benefit your company!

Include an FAQ Section For Frequently Asked Questions From Clients, Potential Customers, Fans, Etc.

FAQs are essential when it comes to trend marketing because not everyone will have the same questions about trend marketing, so giving your customers a place where they can quickly and easily find answers is essential.

Include Links To Trend Reports You’ve Created For Clients Or Other Companies To Build Connections And Show Off Your Work.

This is another way trend marketing can benefit your company by promoting trend reports that you’ve created for other companies. This allows you to build connections with your industry and show off your work in trend marketing!

Use Temporary And Permanent Social Media Material To Your Advantage.

Ephemeral and permanent social media material can be a trend marketer’s dream come true because it gives you options. For example, Snapchat is considered a temporary platform that allows users to only view the content for a specific amount of time before it disappears for good.

digital collaboration

On the other hand, Twitter is known as a permanent platform where tweets are never deleted. Although the two are very different, trend marketers can use both of these platforms to their advantage because they have unique content available on one or the other!

Use hashtags in trend marketing efforts as well so that you’re reaching a larger audience and gaining more followers. Hashtags are the easiest way for trend marketers to get new people.

Customers Should Become Your Greatest Promoters.

Customers are trend marketers’ most significant assets, so trend marketing efforts should help to ensure that they are your biggest promoters. Customers who feel heard and cared for will be more likely to talk about you with their friends – which is the best kind of advertising money can’t buy!

Avoid Using Generic Keywords In Trend Marketing Because it won’t Get You Anywhere.

Generic trend marketing keywords can be a trend marketer’s worst nightmare, so it’s essential to avoid them at all costs. They may get you some short-term gains in trend marketing efforts, but they won’t help your company grow long term!

With Native Advertising, You May Expand Your Audience.

Trend marketing efforts that use native advertising are the best ways for trend marketers to expand their audiences because they get free promotion. It’s a trend marketer’s dream!

Include Images Of Trend Reports Or Other Visuals in Your Blog Post To Make It More Appealing And Exciting.

Blog posts with trend reports, infographics, charts, etc., make trend marketing efforts more appealing to readers and trend marketers alike.

Include A Call-to-Action At The End Of Your Blog Post For People To Take Action on What They’ve Just Read By Downloading Or Purchasing Something From You!

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are essential for trend marketing because it gives your customers an easy way to take action on what they’ve just read in trend marketing efforts. It’s a sure way to increase your conversions and trend marketing results!

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly And Responsive.

If you’re reading this post on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, then you’re probably browsing the internet on the go. And if your website isn’t mobile-friendly and responsive, it can be frustrating to use! Many people these days access their favorite websites and apps on a mobile device. Your website needs to be responsive to adjust for the various screen sizes on smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

If you don’t have a responsive website or app, your customers may abandon your site before they even see all of its features. Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular (even outselling desktop computers) so make sure your site is optimized for these smaller screens.

Collaborate With Micro-Influencers.

In the last few years, social media has become a powerful marketing tool. Influencers with large followings can help you reach your target market and grow your business, but they are often too expensive for small businesses to work with. On the other hand, micro-influencers have smaller audiences and usually provide more affordable rates than more prominent influencers. Still, their engagement levels are often high, and they can help you grow your trend marketing efforts fast.

Embed Voice Search Methods.

Voice search is revolutionizing the way people interact with technology. With voice search, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for because you don’t have to type in a query or scroll through pages of results. It also frees up your hands so that they can be used for other tasks at hand! 

Using Similar Language And Themes From One Platform To The Next.

Trend marketers know that trend marketing efforts should be consistent across all platforms. For example, you want to use the same language and themes from one medium (your blog) to another (like a trend report or infographics).

Using the same language and themes across all of your social media platforms makes it easier to build a brand identity. If your audience sees that you are using similar language in different channels, they will likely follow you on all media. This helps trend marketers save time on-trend marketing efforts while also giving customers a more cohesive experience with their brand!

Utilize Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is already influencing marketing decisions in some cases. Marketing teams are beginning to implement AI into their workflows for tasks like social media management, content creation, and ad targeting. With the potential of AI, marketing teams can now spend more time with consumers one on one instead of manually performing tedious tasks that machines can do faster with fewer mistakes. Artificial intelligence will play a more significant role in business strategy as it becomes more accessible and affordable.

Now that you’ve learned everything about trend marketing, it’s time to get started. Whether you want to create your trends or capitalize on what other people are doing with their businesses, the guide has given you all the necessary tools for success in this competitive industry. What kind of business will be next? The decision is up to you!