Should The Community Manager Need To Be An SEO Expert?

author Aashish Sharma
Aashish Sharma
  |  November 28, 2020
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Besides the fact that a community manager anime communities that research commitment and multiple actions in this direction … it is also there to ensure the visibility of its structure, brand etc …

The independent community managers have also a wider role in the support of their customers on the Internet. They are implementing digital strategies, develop a hearing within the various social networks, and ensure the creation and promotion of content for their clients.

As such, many people are wondering whether the community manager should have deep expertise in SEO.

Once the Community Manager provides visibility of its customers online, including through content created it specifically, we could actually ask themselves this legitimate question.

Is the community manager SEO expert?

The answer is NO immediately : The community manager is regularly limited to some knowledge of SEO and SEO. He has no claim to be an expert in general. If the SEO is one aspect of SEO, there are 5 major terms that revolve around: SEO, SMO, SEM, SEA, and SMA.

The experts in SEO, generally mastered the global dimension of SEO and not just that of said SEO.

They also use a set of tools to make audits and analyze many parameters of a website. The job of an SEO expert, therefore, is both wide and varied. What to remember is that this is a job in itself, for which the community manager can claim to be an expert.

However, the CM is to understand the basic principles of SEO and SMO minimum . These levers are essential and necessary to ensure the visibility of a website / blog. Insofar as the community manager is the content creator, he must know how to optimize SEO articles that he wrote for himself or for his clients.

This is a crucial and important point to complete his writing assignments.

Top 5 terms: SEO, SMO, SEM, SEA and SMA

Flying over these terms to understand what they correspond. The community manager will use some of these levers in his actions and pure SEO master the most part.

It is here that widens the expertise because remember, SEO is a complete and complex discipline that requires constant updating and devote himself full-time.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is optimizing a site and its content to search engines, including Google. It is, therefore, essential for any content creator and therefore to the community manager, to go beyond notions of SEO.

This dimension is among other work for its contents referencing said natural or organic. The webmaster can optimize it on the site.

The community manager will first identify the main keywords related to his prior activity. It naturally inserts them in his essays, while optimizing the “title” tags, “head” and “meta”.

Outside the site (OffPage) there is also the notion of netlinking, to link purchases etc …

The community manager can work on two dimensions:

  1. visibility to be given to content(dynamic part)
  2. Visibility to grant the website(static part)

It is here that fits the concept of SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The community manager is working its content and contacts within the social networks, usually in order to redirect traffic to the website, to give it visibility.

The visibility is given to content and induces the one given to the site.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

The SMO is the development and optimization of its visibility, through creating and sharing content via social networks. This principle seeks to create or share content on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest …

As an aside, social networks will be selected according to the objectives and targets within the strategy developed. The community manager so here too, a major role to play.

It is he who will create and relay of content, and optimize them to gain visibility.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is attached to the marketing dimension exercised in the search engines but also social networks. The goal remains increasing visibility through keywords that will optimize the site, or purchase of sponsored links on the search results pages obtained via search engines.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

The SEA is the lever of purchasing buying space on search engines. So we are here in the paid listings. The community manager is not especially involved in this form of SEO.

SMA (Search Media Advertising)

ADM is to make paid search on social networks. The community manager will, therefore, see here an axis to expand its visibility in research activities, in agreement with its clients to allocate budgets there.

Mistakes not to make in SEO

The community manager may already be forging the first experience, learning not to reproduce the classic mistakes many businesses and bloggers in SEO. By consulting the 11 most common mistakes in SEO , it will provide a good basis on which he can rely.

For example, 45% of sites fail the alt image attributes within their site. When you know that Google reference images as well as text, so they’re better not overlook this point.

35% have broken internal links, which will not help to find the information etc …

Bring attention to these points be located community managers already above average, but in terms of SEO, it does not stop there. A true expert will go much further and propose comprehensive strategies to achieve a result.

In summary

The community manager must still master some knowledge of SEO, including the SEO put forward here. It is not recognized as a real expert even if he can master the big lines. However, it is not his job.

We will retain more global dimension that is SEO, and that includes SEO. Why there are real experts who work only on this expertise, and it is relatively complex and constantly changing.

The community manager is not an SEO expert, but rest assured the visibility it needs to acquire for its customers, as it masters the social networks and virality mechanical to allow it to boost its contents.

The SMO is an axis that controls in general.

Pay dimension through the SMA can also be in the strings when it comes to promoting content, and that the budget is released for its missions.

If social networks are a community manager for the universe he mastered perfectly, agencies and SEO experts also know the contours to integrate them into their service offering.