Top 9 Qualities That Empower An Entrepreneurial Spirit to Achieve Success

author Morgan Stout
Morgan Stout
  |  August 6, 2021
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Entrepreneurial spirit can seem like such a perplexing thing, but what fuels that entrepreneurial drive? Why do entrepreneurs succeed? How can they achieve success even when it seems like all odds are against them?

Let’s look at the top 9 qualities that drive the entrepreneurial spirit actually to achieve success!

1. Confidence


Without confidence, the entrepreneur would never get off the ground. There has to be at least a little bit of confidence. Every entrepreneur must vote themselves off “someday I’ll (isle)” … “someday, I’ll start a business…someday, I’ll get serious about my financial independence…”

Before even getting started, every entrepreneur must vote themselves off the island and get started with their dream business…or any business for that matter.
Without confidence, the entrepreneurial spirit would not even exist.

2. Vision

Vision isn’t a requirement to start a business, but it is required to build a successful business. The entrepreneurial spirit cannot exist without an entrepreneurial vision. A great entrepreneur will have a clear vision of where their entrepreneurial drive is taking them and what drives them to get there. Vision drives confidence, and entrepreneurial vision is the vehicle that carries the entrepreneur’s enthusiasm to the next level.
Do not mistake entrepreneurial vision for entrepreneurial fantasies.

Sometimes vision can even be fantasy, but that entrepreneurial vision must be converted into entrepreneurial reality to achieve entrepreneurial success successfully. A tremendous entrepreneurial vision can (and often does) serve as an immense entrepreneurial roadmap that leads to success.
If you want entrepreneurial success, you must have an entrepreneurial vision.


3. Discipline

If entrepreneurial vision had all the power in the entrepreneurial world, it would still have no traction without discipline. Discipline is required to turn eye into entrepreneurial reality success. The successful entrepreneur will be disciplined to think about their business, act on their ideas, learn from mistakes and failures, and act again, and again, and again.

A great entrepreneur will continue to discipline themselves throughout the entrepreneurial process regardless of what comes their way. Great entrepreneurs know that entrepreneurial success doesn’t just come overnight…it comes with hard work and a lot of it! Discipline will help any entrepreneur achieve entrepreneurial success in terms of time as well. Specialization can help the entrepreneur see success within reach in a shorter period than if they did not have discipline.

4. Creativity

The entrepreneur must be creative. A great entrepreneurial spirit will have more than creativity…they’ll have imagination and innovation. Creativity is required to make an entrepreneurial vision a reality! A successful entrepreneur with no creativity would quickly come to a standstill in regards to their entrepreneurial success. Creativity can help any entrepreneur work through problems and overcome entrepreneurial obstacles. No, it may not be the type of creativity required for painting a great mural or masterpiece, but rather the abstract kind of ability that makes connections that save the day and allow the business to see the light of another day.

Creativity is required to create business solutions that others might not even think of in the first place! The entrepreneurial spirit must be creative to be successful.

5. Passion & Motivation

The entrepreneurial spirit needs passion. Passion will help the entrepreneurial spirit push through entrepreneurial failures and keep going despite the obstacles. Power is so important to the entrepreneur’s process! Without power, there would be no spark, no creativity, and no entrepreneurial imagination. The successful entrepreneur must genuinely care about what they do…and that entrepreneurial care is passion. Passion will help drive entrepreneurial confidence and entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurial passion also drives motivation.

Whether the entrepreneurial spark burns bright or dim, it must be there to do anything entrepreneurial at all! Without entrepreneurial motivation, there would not even be an entrepreneurial spirit in the first place! Entrepreneurial motivation fuels entrepreneurial passion and makes an entrepreneur stand out from the startup crowd.

Generating entrepreneurial motivation is not always easy, but it can be done! An entrepreneur must find their unique inspiration to influence entrepreneurial action. A passion drives the entrepreneurial spirit, which causes the motor to flow like an unstoppable force of nature!

6. Strong Work Ethic

strong work ethic

The entrepreneur must work especially hard! Entrepreneurial success will only come from consistent effort. One of the essential aspects of entrepreneurial success is a strong work ethic, so don’t ignore it introspectively. The entrepreneur knows that if they want their vision to become a reality, it’s up to them to make it happen…it won’t just happen on its own!
The entrepreneur must work hard to make success happen. The entrepreneur realizes that everything worthwhile takes hard work and effort. An entrepreneurial solid work ethic can feel even more significant action and effort, thus pushing the business development process even further, faster towards entrepreneurial success!

7. Calculated Risk-Taking Ability

Entrepreneurial success sometimes requires calculated risks. The entrepreneur must make purposeful risk assessments and take actions to make their entrepreneurial vision a reality.
A scary thought, tempered by calculation, expressed into action, becomes entrepreneurial risk! Risk inspires entrepreneurial innovation because the entrepreneur needs to solve problems for entrepreneurial success to happen! The entrepreneurial process breeds danger, and entrepreneurial failure is part of that path to hit the entrepreneur’s journey!

8. Optimism

When confidence wanes, optimism is essential for carrying the entrepreneur through to the other side of hardship. The entrepreneurial spirit sees entrepreneurial success, even when to the outside world it might not be there.
Optimism is like a glass half full of entrepreneurial faith and confidence…it is always there to fuel that action-driving motivation! Even when an entrepreneur’s courage might be below, an entrepreneur needs optimism to succeed. Optimism is that entrepreneurial power of positive thinking that keeps the entrepreneurial spirit going! Optimism comes from a belief in the process. Entrepreneurs know that they have to trust their abilities, team, mentors, and well-calculated systems and processes to succeed!

9. Persistence & Adaptability

Entrepreneurial success will require entrepreneurial perseverance and adaptability. The entrepreneur will have to keep going when it seems that there are roadblocks in the way. Both endurance and adaptability are needed for the survival of the business and the success that follows. An entrepreneurial spirit cannot be broken so long as these qualities remain intact! The entrepreneur knows that “if at first, you don’t succeed, try again.”

Success is a product of persistence and adaptation…

In the end, we are all the sum of our learning, our choices, and our persistence in either what drives us forward or holds us back. Adapting these concepts and principles is a tried and proven method for increasing one’s chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur.