How to Use Link Rotators to Achieve Masterful Analytics & Save Money

author Andrea Woodward
Andrea Woodward
  |  July 18, 2021
how to use link rotators to achieve masterful analytics & save money

Link rotators, also known as link splitters, are often used for tracking a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.  A rotator is often used to get split traffic between two or more links, to see which landing page (or even website) is converting the highest.  Rotators are a great way to track traffic without having to do any manual work or dig into Google Analytics and compare data. However, there are not many good link rotators available on the market today.

Tracking clicks is a very valuable part of the digital marketing process. By tracking what links were clicked most, you can determine which ones are working well. This will help your investment in marketing time and money. Some webmasters track this information using Google Analytics or by manually recording clicks each month. These methods are less than ideal and exhausting. A link tracking software program is the best way to track clicks without a lot of hoopla or effort.

Link Rotators are tools that can help you make more money online. The more links, the higher ranking in the search engines you achieve. Link rotators need to be used correctly for them to work well, so read the instructions before you use them. Below you will find some of the best ones that I have found.

Here are the top 11 link rotators on the market:

Time frame monitored

I recommend using link rotator, because it is one of the best on the market.

LinklyHQ link  can be used by anyone, because its free to start and easy to use regardless of your experience with link rotator. It saves you tons of time in the long run.  It has all the qualities you need to effectively use it, such as the use of a custom domain, UTM parameters, conversion tracking, and more.

So, click here to sign up for an account today! (or you can check out the other ones on the list)

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