50 Amazing Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

author Morgan Stout
Morgan Stout
  |  December 22, 2023
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Here Are 50 Low Cost Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur In You!

Every entrepreneur needs a place to start! Here are 50 low cost business ideas to get you going! Score!! 🙌

1. Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital strategies and tactics at low costs need the proper training in digital marketing and experiences within a related field like sales, finance, or the law.

2. Online Influencer Service

Becoming an online influencer often requires the use of photography, copywriting, and video creation skills. In addition, you’ll need to create a social media management plan that focuses on promoting customer engagement.

3. Small Bakery

If you have a passion for baking, why not start your very own Bakery? Of course, this will require some initial costs, such as ingredients and essential equipment. But, you can start small, then grow.

4. Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are responsible for coordinating all activities during a wedding that includes venue selection and preparation, catering services, scheduling vendors like musicians or photographers, decorating, and more.

5. Technical Freelancer

Technical freelancing involves performing technical tasks such as software development, web design, and web development. Sometimes, your role will involve troubleshooting issues for people’s websites. If you’re tech savvy, this might just be the low cost business for you!

6. Gym or Fitness Center


Creating your gym or fitness center. This business often requires a large amount of capital upfront, such as building and equipping a facility with top-notch equipment. However, cross fit gyms are often lower cost, because they use simple implements that you can probably buy or make for a relatively low cost.

7. Yoga and Meditation Center

This involves opening a yoga or meditation center that allows people to participate in classes. You could even charge for yoga events in a park, to minimize the need for a facility in the beginning. That’s a low cost business idea!

8. Mechanical / Electrical Service

This involves performing mechanical or electrical services, such as car repairs. Low-cost businesses like this must have the proper training and experience, but if you own your own tool set and are ready to get your hands dirty, this might be up your alley!

9. E-commerce Websites

E-comm sites require creating and maintaining an online store that sells products or services. If you have skills in nunchucks…wait a minute…web design, hosting, and digital marketing, you could be successful!

10. Blogging

Start a blog that covers a specific topic or niche! Blogging requires very minimal initial investment in hosting fees and maybe some software. You can always use Blogger.com to get your blog running faster and for less money!

11. Online Surveys and Captcha Solving

Online surveys involve…well…taking online surveys! This can be done through many websites like Survey Junkie. Solving Captchas low-cost businesses involves typing and decoding the symbols in images to prove that you are a human.

12. Domain Trading

Trading domains means buying and selling low-cost domain names to makes money online. However, it requires a small initial investment in tools such as a web hosting account, domain name, and website parking fees.

13. Podcasts


This requires some initial investment in recording equipment and hosting fees, but you can get by with minimal equipment in the beginning. Other than that, share your podcast with others.

14. Stock Trading

Trading stocks, bonds, and currencies can be quite lucrative, if you know what you’re doing. Stock businesses require some initial investment in tools such as computers or mobile devices to make trades online.

15. Freelance Translation

Being a translator online involves translating text or audio between two languages. This is the perfect low cost business idea for those with language skills who have the time to dedicate to it.

16. Freight Forwarding

This involves working as an intermediary between a supplier and buyer by transporting goods, which can be done through door-to-door.

17. Event Organizer

Event organizers make money by organizing events like weddings, birthday parties, and conferences. Event businesses don’t require some initial investments make the event successful. Your client can pay for that as the planning and event progresses.

18. Interior Designer

Interior designers make money by designing and decorating the inside of buildings like offices, retail stores, and homes. Interior design businesses require some initial investment in tools such as CAD software to make it successful.

19. Driving School


Driving school is a great low-cost business idea, so long as you have a car… By providing driving lessons to individuals looking to get on the road, you can make a decent amount of money. A driving school business is perfect for individuals who have a passion for driving and have a lot of patience.

20. Car Parking

I you have extra space you can make money by renting out parking spaces to cars. This is simple and, if you live in a high traffic area, this can be very easy to market. Just put up a sign!

21. Resume Writer

One over looked low-cost business idea is writing resumes. Resume writing doesn’t require any initial investment, so long as you have a computer.

22. Laundry Service

Providing laundry services to homes and offices. These are perfect for individuals who have a lot of time on their hands and a washing machine. You can even use a public one for a while, if you have to.

23. Web Design

This low-cost business idea involves creating websites for clients to generate revenue. This requires some initial investment in tools such as a computer and the internet to make it successful.

24. Freelance Writer

freelancer writer

Freelance writing is all about writing articles, blog posts, marketing material, and even books. Freelance writing requires a computer and internet to make an earning.

25. Book Binding

By providing bookbinding services to clients, you can get started for almost nothing. It is for those who have a lot of spare time and equipment such as a photocopier.

26. Test Prep Business

A test prep business is a lucrative endeavor, capitalizing on the perpetual demand for exam success. With personalized tutoring, online courses, and strategic marketing, it caters to a broad audience seeking academic and professional advancement, ensuring a steady income flow.

27. Recruiting

Launching a recruiting business proves lucrative as companies constantly seek top talent. Offering personalized hiring solutions, building strong industry networks, and staying abreast of market trends can ensure sustained profitability.

28. Copywriting

A copywriting business offers lucrative prospects by meeting the perpetual demand for compelling content. With persuasive writing skills, strategic marketing, and a niche focus, it attracts clients and ensures sustained revenue.

29. Real Estate Agent

real state agent

A real estate agent’s business thrives on the perpetual demand for property transactions. Expertise in local markets, strong negotiation skills, and effective networking contribute to consistent commissions, ensuring financial success.

30. Online Course Sales

Establishing an online course sales business taps into the growing demand for virtual learning. Offering valuable content, effective marketing, and user-friendly platforms can generate substantial income as e-learning gains widespread popularity.

31. Cooking Classes

Running cooking classes presents a lucrative opportunity by capitalizing on the universal appeal of culinary skills. Providing hands-on experience, unique recipes, and marketing through various channels ensures a profitable venture.

32. Tutor Service

A tutor service proves profitable by meeting the constant demand for academic support. Offering personalized learning, flexible scheduling, and marketing to educational communities fosters a steady stream of clients, ensuring financial success.

33. Personal Shopper

Embarking on a personal shopper business offers a lucrative venture, tapping into the desire for curated and convenient shopping experiences. With a keen fashion sense, excellent customer service, and strategic marketing, financial success is attainable. Now, how’s that for a low cost business idea?

34. Accounting Services

Starting an accounting services business is a wise investment due to the perpetual demand for financial expertise. Offering accurate bookkeeping, tax planning, and advisory services ensures a steady and profitable clientele.

35. Gardening Business

gardening business

A gardening business is a lucrative venture tapping into the widespread interest in green spaces. Offering landscape design, maintenance, and plant care services, combined with effective marketing, ensures steady profitability.

36. Clean and Green Services

A clean and green services business capitalizes on the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions. Offering sustainable cleaning and maintenance services, along with strategic marketing emphasizing environmental consciousness, ensures profitable ventures.

37. Auto Repair Shop

Establishing an auto repair business is a lucrative venture in the ever-growing automotive industry. Offering reliable services, excellent customer relations, and strategic marketing can secure a steady stream of clients, ensuring financial success.

38. Bouquet and Greeting Card Making

Starting a bouquet and greeting card making business offers a creative and profitable endeavor. Crafting personalized floral arrangements and unique cards for special occasions, combined with effective marketing, ensures a steady income flow.

39. Photo Booth Rental

Launching a photo booth rental business proves profitable by catering to the increasing demand for unique event experiences. Providing customizable setups, high-quality prints, and effective marketing secures a consistent income stream.

40. Event Photography

Embarking on an event photography business is a lucrative endeavor fueled by the perennial demand for capturing special moments. Offering high-quality, professional services and effective marketing ensures consistent revenue.

41. Food Truck Operation

A food truck operation is a compelling low-cost business idea with high-profit potential. Capitalizing on mobile convenience, diverse menus, and strategic locations, it caters to a broad audience, ensuring financial success.

42. Electronics Repair Service

An electronics repair service is a low-cost business idea with high-profit potential. Providing essential tech solutions, targeted marketing, and efficient repair services appeal to a broad customer base, ensuring steady income.

43. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a low-cost business idea with excellent profit potential. Offering personalized care for pets in their familiar environment, coupled with strategic marketing, appeals to pet owners, ensuring financial success.

tattoo work

44. Tattoo Studio

Establishing a tattoo studio can be a low-cost business idea with high-profit potential. Offering unique and quality tattoo services, coupled with effective marketing, attracts a diverse clientele, ensuring financial success.

45. Inventory Management

Embarking on an inventory management service proves to be a low-cost business idea with high-profit potential. Providing efficient stock control solutions, targeted marketing, and streamlined processes appeal to diverse businesses, ensuring financial success.

46. Tech Support Services

Tech support services are a low-cost business idea with high-profit potential. Offering reliable IT solutions, efficient customer support, and strategic marketing, it attracts businesses seeking cost-effective technology assistance, ensuring financial success.

47. Call Center Operation

Operating a call center is a low-cost business idea with considerable profit potential. Providing efficient customer support, employing cost-effective technology, and strategic marketing attract clients, ensuring sustainable financial success.

48. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a low-cost business idea with high-profit potential. Offering creative services, utilizing cost-effective software, and targeted marketing appeal to a diverse clientele, ensuring financial success in design endeavors.

49. Tour Guide Service

A tour guide service is a low-cost business idea with high-profit potential. Offering personalized tours, effective marketing, and leveraging local expertise attract tourists, ensuring financial success in the tourism industry.

50. Affiliate Marketing Business

Embarking on an affiliate marketing business is a low-cost idea with high-profit potential. Leveraging online platforms, targeted partnerships, and strategic marketing, it capitalizes on commission-based earnings, ensuring financial success.

So, that’s it! You now have 50 low cost business ideas to rock your entrepreneurial journey! GO WIN BIG!