7 Great Marketing Solutions & Hacks for Your Everyday Business Owner Problems

author Morgan Stout
Morgan Stout
  |  October 16, 2021
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Marketing strategies are tools that can be used to address marketing problems. These marketing solutions come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most effective ones focus on marketing challenges. The marketing challenges facing businesses today are numerous, so it’s crucial for business owners to have an effective marketing strategy in place. This blog post will provide seven great marketing solutions for your everyday business owner’s problems!

Stay Relevant With Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the process of making your website more accessible to search engines by improving its rank on results pages. It’s a strategy that can help you stay relevant and visible on the internet, which is why all business owners need to learn how to do it. It’s an effective marketing solution that allows your business to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, which is why it should be a part of any marketing strategy.

Make sure to start marketing your business correctly by hiring an SEO specialist who can help you develop an organic search engine marketing plan specifically tailored to your company needs so your brand stays at the forefront of your customer’s marketing experience.

Increase Your Social Media Marketing Presence.

Your business should have a solid social media marketing strategy to reach the widest audience possible and expand your overall marketing efforts, which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked when developing an effective marketing solution for any business owner’s problem! Social media platforms are growing exponentially every year, so having a marketing strategist familiar with each social media marketing platform and knowing how to best tailor your business marketing efforts will help you get the most out of this effective marketing solution.

As more and more people turn to online communities like Facebook and Twitter for their news and entertainment, your company must be there too. But even if you know this already, do you know why? It doesn’t matter how great your products are or how good of a service you provide; if nobody knows about them, then they can’t buy them.

Social media marketing will get your business in front of the right eyes so that somebody sees what you’re selling (and buys). And while it may not be as easy as dropping an ad on TV or billboard during rush hour traffic, social media marketing does have some advantages over traditional methods:

  • It’s far more cost-effective.
  • It can be tailored to fit your marketing budget and goals.
  • You get the bonus of being able to track all its effectiveness.

Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy.

Mobile marketing is a great way to reach your target audience and generate revenue. It’s also an excellent tool for customer retention and brand awareness. A recent study by Google found that the average person spends more than 23% of their time on a smartphone, and close to 50% of adults have their smartphones with them 24/7. In other words, if you’re not engaging your audience through social media or advertising on their phone, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your customer base!

Mobile marketing is a massive topic in business, and it’s only going to grow. Mobile marketing can promote your services or products for any industry, from healthcare to retail. You can optimize your mobile marketing strategy by using QR codes on print materials that are handed out at events or other places where potential customers may come across them. This will allow people interested in what you have to offer an easy way to find more information without having to type anything into their phones!

Automate Your Marketing Operations.

Marketing automation is about establishing an integrated marketing operation that can be executed automatically. It’s not just the technology, it’s how you use it to streamline your efforts and make them more efficient. The key benefits of marketing automation are increased revenue generation, better customer satisfaction rates, and lower customer acquisition costs. In addition, automating tasks like lead management, email campaigns, social media updates, contests, and promotions save time on tedious work so you can focus on what matters – growing your business! 

Doing all of these things manually would take hours every day that could be spent doing something else to generate new leads or close sales. Marketing automation systems allow for this by monitoring your website traffic in real-time to determine which visitors have qualified inquiries or potential clients. In addition, when marketing automation is used in tandem with marketing solutions like social media marketing and mobile marketing, you can reach a broad audience of people who are interested in your products or services while simultaneously adding them to an email list where they’ll receive regular updates about all the new things going on at your company!

Automating your marketing operations may sound a bit daunting, but it can help you save time and money. Best make sure to automate some of the most common marketing tasks so that you can spend more time focusing on what matters: growing your business. 

Covert Your Loyal Clients to Become Your Brand Ambassadors.

Loyal clients are your most valuable marketing tool. They’re your best source of referrals, new customers, and brand evangelists – people who spread the word about how awesome you are via social media or by sharing their experience with others, so they know what to expect when working with you!

One way to encourage this is by rewarding loyal clients for being your marketing tool. Give them special discounts, free services, or prizes to show your appreciation for their continued support!

If you’re not sure how loyal clients can help spread the word about your brand, consider this: businesses that focus on customer retention experience lower marketing costs and see higher sales than those that don’t. High-value customers are also more likely to purchase more products, spend more money and return sooner.

Create Sharing Incentives In Your Business Referral Program.

I’m sure you’ve heard about referral programs. They are a great way to increase customer loyalty and generate more referrals for your business. But did you know that there is a lot of room for improvement in the design of these programs? One issue is that some people are hesitant to refer their friends or family members because they don’t want them to feel obligated, so it’s important to have incentives for both parties! 

Creating incentives is a great way to encourage sharing in your referral program, but what if one motivation isn’t enough to get someone excited about sharing? If you offer incentives or rewards for each referral a customer makes, they’ll be more inclined to share every time.

Influencer Marketing Targets More Audiences.

Marketing with influencers is marketing that targets a specific demographic using someone who’s already got their attention! It can be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic. You might not have celebrity status, but you do have something just as valuable: an existing customer base.

Influencer marketing targets

When deciding to use influencer marketing for your business or company, you have to be careful about the type of influencer you select. Different influencers specialize in specific industries or niches, so you must find an expert in your field to work with. In addition, you want someone who will align with your values and morals because they will be representing your company publicly on their channels.

It’s also essential that they know how to reach out, primarily if they target new customers – something many businesses struggle with when relying solely on traditional forms of marketing.

What Marketing Solutions Should I Use?

Every business is different, which means that marketing strategies need to be tailored specifically for each business. A marketing strategist can help you develop a marketing plan that covers all aspects of your company and gives advice on what types of marketing are the most effective tools for growth. For example, as mentioned above, SEO tactics are great marketing tools for businesses looking to reach the widest audience possible. Other marketing strategies that are very effective include social media marketing, mobile marketing, and email marketing campaigns.

A marketing strategist can help you develop an organic search engine marketing plan specifically tailored to your company’s needs, so your brand stays at the forefront of your customers’ marketing experiences. This is why it’s vital to partner marketing with a marketing strategist who understands your company’s marketing challenges and can offer marketing solutions to grow.

What Marketing Strategies Should I Avoid?

There are many different marketing solutions, but not all of them will be effective for your business or industry. For example, avoid using black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing because it could severely hurt your marketing campaign. In addition, avoid using marketing channels that are flooded with competition, such as PPC campaigns on social media sites like Facebook, because it could be costly and not worth the investment.

What Marketing Challenges Should I Watch Out for?

Businesses today have a wide variety of marketing tools at their disposal to help grow their brands, but this can also create marketing challenges. When marketing tools and platforms are constantly changing with no consistency in place, it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and even more challenging for a business owner to keep up with all these changes without professional help!

A marketing strategist is familiar with each marketing channel has worked extensively within your industry, so they know marketing challenges that other marketing professionals may not consider. A marketing strategist working with your business can help you navigate these marketing changes and ensure a smooth transition from one strategy to the next while growing your brand effectively.

Marketing is not a marketing strategy you can just use to get more sales. It needs to be an effective and well-executed plan, one that addresses the challenges currently affecting business and provides solutions for how your company can grow in the future. The best way to start this process? Researching what’s working–and what isn’t–in other companies’ marketing strategies. Next, you need a benchmark to compare yourself against to know where improvements are necessary or if you’re ahead of everyone else when it comes down to executing a successful digital marketing campaign.