Overnight Blog Boost on a Budget!

author Team Liqsquid
Team Liqsquid
  |  March 1, 2016
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While growing your blog overnight into an extremely popular site that is visited my millions everyday is a long shot, there are ways to get an overnight blog boost to get a bit more traction for a short period of time or permanently. In this article, I will go over some of these tactics. Feel free to comment below and share your blog boost tactics.


Start With the Basics

  • Provide value!!! Don’t push junk content!
  • Be on social media (at least Facebook & Twitter).
  • Post on social using hashtags.
  • Use images to promote your blog on social media.
    • Have branding guidelines so that people know your posts from other peoples, instantly!
    • Use text overlays on the images, because many people only look at the pictures and if that doesn’t catch their attention, they are gone!
  • Use catchy titles and calls to action.
  • Make sure your blog is responsive or at least mobile ready.
  • Make sure your blog is visually appealing, not appalling!


Use 2 Twitter Accounts

One great growth strategy is to use 2 Twitter accounts and use a scheduler, such as HootSuite or Postcron to manage tweets that lead users to your blog. One Twitter account is for your blog or company and the other is for you as an author. Be sure to vary the posting schedule and hashtags for each account and try to post each article once per day from both accounts. If you need assistance finding hashtags, learn to find great hashtags here.


Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz is a community of bloggers and marketing professionals looking for a boost of traffic to their sites. On this platform, you can share other peoples articles on your own social media in order to earn credits that can be used for other people to share your articles on their social media. Sharing has different costs, depending on how many followers the sharing account has.

While you can share on your own social media, it could be detrimental to your brand if the article quality is poor. So, a hack that you can use is to setup an additional Twitter account that is only to be used with this. You only need to get 100 followers to be able to use the new account on Viral Content Buzz. Once you have this going, you can share from here and make sure each post you do has a hashtag. Now you have an additional account that is growing while you are getting something from curating the content.


Groups & Communities

Become very active on social media groups and communities. Build an individual list for all of the groups you belong to on Facebook and all the communities on Google+, then go everyday and share your articles from your page. This will provide an almost instant boost in traffic. Also, be sure to hashtag!


Trending Topics

Generating a quick blog post that is relevant to a trending topic can also get your site a lot of attention very quickly. Realize that this doesn’t have to be a “Kim Kardashian wore ‘el Scantily Clad’ at the Grammy’s last night” type of post. Keep your eye out for a topic that is trending within your niche and take advantage of the opportunity when it comes. Once again, be sure to hashtag it appropriately!


Look for Guest Bloggers

Having guest bloggers on your site can be lucrative, particularly if those guest bloggers have a lot of followers on social media and are willing to setup a series of social posts that link back to your website. If the guest blogger is a thought leader, you could see hundreds of views to your site within a day or two. If the content material is really good, you may have people linking back to you over time.


Looking for Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging on a quality blog within your niche is a great opportunity to get extra traffic. If the site has a good following, it could create a steady stream of visitors for months. Focus on creating value, so the users on that site will want to click your bio and find out more about you and what advice you have given on your own blog.  If you have a good writing style, we are looking for guest posters here at Liqsquid (sign up as a contributor here).


Utilize the Power of Outbrain

Outbrain is a website where you can pay to have your posts end up on sites like CNN. You can pay by the click and the site will allow you to setup complete campaigns. Keep in mind that this is the most expensive option yet, but if you are looking for a small boost in traffic, you may find that this works for you.


While these are just a few quick overnight blog boost tips, they should serve as a starting point for getting a traffic boost within 24 hours. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily the best way to grow your blog long term. Focus on content creation, providing value, networking with others, and networking with influencers.