Top 7 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs in 2021 (product-based)

author Morgan Stout
Morgan Stout
  |  July 25, 2021
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A solid affiliate marketing strategy starts with a great list of affiliate partners with great products to promote and top-notch service to back it up. So, here are the highest-paying affiliate programs for product-based affiliates. Check the Top 7 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs in 2021 (product-based)

Product Affiliate Program #1: Amazon Associates (The #1 Best-Paying Product Affiliate Program!)

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Amazon is an excellent place for affiliate marketers to find retailer traffic. Their audience is large, and almost everyone shops there. They have a high-paying affiliate program that can be broken down into two parts: the Associate’s Program and the Amazon Marketplace.
If you want to find more information on making money online, I recommend reading this blog post about it.

The 5% commission rate will apply when your visitors click through. If you make an affiliate website, get it to rank on the first page of Google for a relevant keyword (by using SEO or PPC) and send traffic to Amazon through your website. You’ll be getting a lot more commission!

The people that click on your links will need to spend $50 before you can start earning money from them. This is called the cookie duration, but Amazon can change it.
Affiliate Payout: ~4-8% commission

Product Affiliate Program #2: Walmart (The #2 Best-Paying Product Affiliate Program!)

This company, a member of the Walton family, owns the world’s largest online retailer: They also hold many other e-commerce websites around the globe and have an extensive product network that you can make money from!

Walmart has its affiliate program called Walmart Affiliate Program. You will receive a commission for any orders they have made if you send them there. Chitika owns Walmart Affiliate Program, and they are partnered with Optimizely.

Affiliate Payout: ~4-8% commission

Product Affiliate Program #3: AliExpress (The #3 Best-Paying Product Affiliate Program!)

This company is an online marketplace similar to eBay, Alibaba, and Taobao. What makes them stand out from the competition? Not only are they cheap, but their products are compatible with Amazon’s. That means you can promote AliExpress products on your website and send traffic directly to Amazon!

AliExpress has excellent prices that attract customers from all over the world. As a business owner, I have bought products from them before, amazed by how cheap they were! But, what’s even better is that they offer a solid commission structure.

That means if you send traffic to AliExpress, you’ll earn money for as long as those customers buy something on their site.

Affiliate Payout: 3-8% commission

Product Affiliate Program #4: eBay (The #4 Best-Paying Product Affiliate Program!)

eBay is one of the biggest online retailers on the planet, and they have been around for many years. As the number one marketplace, they are a great place to promote your products and earn affiliate commissions.

eBay offers affiliates two different programs: eBay Partner Network and eBay Affiliate Marketplace.

Affiliate Payout: ~1-5% commission (varies based on the program)

Product Affiliate Program #5: Etsy (The #5 Best-Paying Product Affiliate Program!)

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Etsy is the place for unique, handmade, and vintage goods worldwide. It is estimated that this online marketplace has around 36 million users (mostly women). Not only is it a great place to make money as an affiliate, but their products are also excellent!

Etsy’s affiliate program is called Affiliate Link Maker. The commission they offer is somewhere between 5 and 6%. They pay through PayPal or check.

Affiliate Payout: ~5-6% commission

Product Affiliate Program #6: Sears (The #6 Best-Paying Product Affiliate Program!)

This company has been around for over 100 years and now has its official website:

Sears offers multiple affiliate programs, but we’ll focus on their main one: Shop Your Way Rewards. This program is only accessible to customers that have acquired a user account. The commission you can get is anywhere between 1-5%. If you refer someone to Sears and use a unique coupon code, you’ll earn 10% of their purchase.

Affiliate Payout: ~1-5% commission (varies based on the program)

Product Affiliate Program #7: Newegg (The #7 Best-Paying Product Affiliate Program!)

Newegg, an online retailer, specializing in electronics and computing products, has been around for over 15 years. They offer a commission of 12% on each sale you drive to their site.

Affiliate Payout: ~5-8% commission

You can also earn an extra 2-4% by using special promo codes if they are available. Newegg’s affiliate program is called Newegg Affiliate Program.

That concludes our list of the 7 highest paying affiliate programs you can promote in 2021. If we missed any good ones, please comment below!

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