Everything You Need to Know About Innovative Marketing In One Read

author Andrea Woodward
Andrea Woodward
  |  November 3, 2021
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Innovative marketing is the introduction of new marketing methods with a focus on creativity and innovation. It can be difficult to keep up with innovative marketing trends as they change so rapidly! In this article, we’ll discuss everything that one needs to know about innovative marketing.

What Is Innovative Marketing?

Innovative marketing is an innovative form of marketing that makes use of new and creative methods. The most innovative forms make the biggest impact on consumers!

Innovative marketing can be difficult to define because it is constantly changing and evolving. The most innovative forms of advertising typically have the strongest effect on consumers. However, when trying to predict what will be considered innovative in the future, marketers should look for anything that breaks with convention and goes against expectations!

Innovative marketing is a term that has been thrown around for quite some time. To truly understand what it means, you have to take a look at the history of this term and how it came about. 

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The first mention of innovative marketing was in an article published by Bill Gates in the Harvard Business Review back in 1996. The piece discusses how “traditional” marketing techniques were no longer effective and new ones had to be developed so companies could stay competitive. These early mentions of innovative marketing show that it’s not just about coming up with fresh ideas but also making those ideas work as well as possible which is why we’re going to cover both parts here. 

Innovation can come from anywhere and anyone- sometimes all you need is the will to push your ideas further than what has already been done.

What Is Innovative Marketing Not?

While innovative marketing is constantly changing, some forms of marketing should not be considered innovative. For instance, repurposing old content to fit new platforms or audiences would not fall under the category of “innovative.” If marketers continue using tried-and-true methods in an attempt to appear innovative, they risk appearing outdated instead.

While innovative marketing is all about thinking outside the box and trying new things, it also requires a lot of planning. Innovative marketing is not something that can be done overnight- it requires a lot of work and effort to stand out from the crowd! Furthermore, innovative marketing is most effective when there’s a plan in place for how you’ll measure your success or failure with this new idea. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s hard to know if what you are doing is having the intended effect!

Why Marketers Use Innovative Marketing

“Marketing is not just about advertising; it’s about building relationships with potential customers. The most successful marketers are the ones that use innovative marketing tactics to create a lasting connection.” 

– Dave Chaffey, author of “The Reality Gap” 

Innovative marketing is a new wave of marketing that has been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade. One reason for this growth is because it tackles the most pressing issue facing marketers today: how to cut through all of the noise and get noticed by consumers. Innovative marketers have figured out how to do just that, with creative campaigns that are designed to be memorable, engaging, and innovative. The best part about these campaigns? They work! And they’ll continue to work as long as you keep them fresh and constantly evolving with trends in technology, social media, and other aspects of popular culture.

Marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract customers. One of the most effective methods is word-of-mouth marketing; but this is not easy to accomplish. Companies must be able to create a viral campaign that customers will want to share with friends on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What Are Some Innovative Marketing Techniques?

Interactive Advertising.

Interactive ads are the most effective way for companies to engage their target audience in today’s digital world. With interactive advertising, consumers feel like they have control over what happens next- which is why it has become so popular.

A video that goes viral can be a company’s greatest form of innovative marketing- but only if you know what will make it go “viral.” Most people think that they need to shock and awe for their story or advertisement to become popular when in reality all it takes is creativity! Some companies have created videos so innovative that they went viral all on their own, like Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” or Dollar Shave Club’s “$1000 commercial.”

Viral Videos.

When innovative marketers create a video, it is usually one with the intent to go viral! Content marketing videos are most popular because of how easily shareable and entertaining they are. Whether you’re making a video about your company’s innovative product or just want to have some fun, try using creative editing, humor, and catchy music to make it stand out from the crowd.


Packaging Design.

When innovative marketers create packaging for their products, they find ways of standing out in an industry where thousands of brands are using the same basic packaging design. They know that innovative packaging is one of the most effective ways to grab your customer’s attention at first glance because it makes their product stand out in a sea full of competitors.

Logos and Branding.

A logo that looks like every other company doesn’t do anyone any good! Innovative marketers understand that a unique logo is one of the most important things that they can have because it’s what people will see first. A memorable, innovative logo can help you to build an innovative brand as well as gain the trust of your customers.

Social Media Marketing.

Innovative marketers know that social media is one of the best ways to grow your brand exposure. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great for sharing videos, images, or articles with customers so they can learn more about your innovative product. This innovative approach has led to social media dominating the way we communicate and do business, as well as how we learn about new brands or products that interest us.

The best part about social media is that it offers a unique opportunity for companies; they can use direct feedback from their customers to find out what resonates with them- which can help to make their product or advertising even more innovative.

Brand Repositioning as a Marketing Technique.

A brand’s strategy and messaging are often what sets it apart from its competitors. For many, the key to success in business is simply a matter of being innovative with your marketing techniques. This article will discuss how you can reposition your company’s image through innovative strategies such as rebranding or pivoting. 

The following blog post will provide examples of successful brand positioning campaigns that have been used by companies like Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, and Nike to show you how they did it. You’ll also learn ways for your company to utilize these same techniques to stay ahead of the competition while still maintaining a strong customer base. 

Example of Innovative Marketing Strategy


Dove is a brand that has been around for decades and is known for its body wash and beauty products. They have achieved success in the marketplace through innovative marketing strategies. Dove’s most recent campaign, “Dare to Compare,” shows how they are constantly looking for new ways to reach consumers with their message of self-esteem and empowerment. This blog post will explore some examples of innovative marketing strategies by Dove, such as using social media influencers, creating videos on YouTube, and encouraging people to participate in campaigns like #SpeakBeautiful. 

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world and they do a lot more than just providing their users with an endless supply of songs. They incorporate many different techniques into their marketing strategy such as gamification, influencer marketing, etc. If there was ever a company to study when it comes to innovative marketing strategies, it would be Spotify because every time I turn on my computer, I see something new from them!

They have been able to effectively promote themselves by implementing creative strategies that align with the brand voice and target market they are going after. One way they did this was through an interactive campaign called “Hype Machine.” This campaign allowed users on the site “The Hype Machine” – a website dedicated solely to music discovery-to vote on what song would be played next from Spotify’s catalog of songs. Not only does this tactic allow them time-sensitive promotion, but it also allows people who may not know about Spotify or who haven’t tried it yet to hear about innovative ways they can use their music streaming service.

They’ve also found success by gamifying the way that people interact with their brand and product through a feature called “Discover Weekly.” Discover Weekly is an innovative playlist of songs tailored to each user based on what has been listened to most frequently in Spotify’s library of music. This innovative feature is used by Spotify to promote their brand, but it also helps users discover new songs that they may not have heard before.